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Donna Vail is the founder of An Inspired Education, a company devoted to homeschooling families inspiring them to live extraordinary lives and empowering their children through self-education.

In 1995 when homeschooling was still unknown to the masses, Donna transitioned from her daily office commute, to work from home and homeschool her children. Donna homeschools her six children and helps parents around the world achieve success in their homeschools through her writing, speaking, workshops and private consults. Her passion for education excellence drives her to continually explore and develop new ways to support and nurture children. She is the constant student and author of the soon to be released book: An Inspired Education: The Ultimate Guide to Homeschooling Success.

The world we live in is changing fast and a one-size-fits-all approach simply does not work. With the technological advancements that will occur over the next 50 to 100 years we must produce leaders, inventors, statesmen and entrepreneurs. Donna has developed an open-system using the highest quality proven resources that foster natural curiosities and inspires a love of learning in children which in turn supports harmonious family living. She creates true freedom for the entrepreneur lifestyle that nurtures children towards academic excellence, enabling parents to flourish in their own life pursuits. How children learn matters!

Donna grew up in the Texas Hill Country and loved spending hours upon hours with her grandmother who encouraged her in living her passions. As a result of this early training, Donna realized her passion for children and education. Donna lives with her husband, Julian and their children (ages 3-20) in East Texas. Her personal passions include reading, cooking, family, learning, health and fitness and of course living an inspired life.