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Mentor Mastery Inner Circle

Homeschool Development, Training and Support Program

“Do not train children to learn by force and harshness, but direct them to it by what amuses their minds, so that you may be better able to discover with accuracy the peculiar bend of the genius of each.” –Plato

The Mentor Mastery Inner Circle is a monthly membership program designed to help you:
- Grow in personal development and leadership
- Homeschool education training
- Support and guidance for parents





Each month’s training will focus on a different module helping you create success in your homeschool and everyday living.
June 2014: Mentor Meetings That Inspire
July 2014: Self-Education and Purposeful Living
August 2014: The Art of Leadership as You Work, Live and Raise Your Family
September 2014: Inspired by Nature to Learn More
October 2014: Fulfilling Actual Needs and Interests with Relevance in a Customized Education
November 2014: The Mentor Check-In
December 2014: Growing and Expanding Your Inspiring Learning Environment
January 2015: Finding Real Balance in Your Homeschool, Household, Work and Life
February 2015: The Art of Letting Go While Still Being a Mindful Parent and Homeschooler
March 2015: Educating Hearts, Improving Minds
April 2015: Understanding Personalities for Better Relating
May 2015: The Flow of Growth and Bringing Your Child to Maturity

We’re celebrating the third year of this program which means there’s a very resourceful library available immediately at your fingertips including trainings on Math Journaling, Creating Habits for Daily Success, Transitions and How to Deal with Change and Interruptions, Linking to Your Child’s Highest Values, How to Create Education Goals, Learning Dynamics, Schedules and Family Rhythms, Language Arts, Parent Partnerships, Creating an Inspiring Learning Environment, Self-Education, Narration, 3 Step Mentoring, Math without Fear, Self-Educator’s Study Book, Mindset, Burnout Prevention, and more.

The Mentor Mastery Inner Circle is a streamlined program to help you implement homeschool practices that supports:

  • Self-education
  • Life purpose fulfillment
  • Lifestyle of true freedom
  • Whole family harmony

Let’s keep it simple sweetie. I’m a homeschool mom with six children who have all been homeschooled, so I understand while you need support you don’t need a lot of other things to do on top of what you already do. That’s why everything is streamlined to give you top quality development, training and support.

Membership has its ADVANTAGE!

As a member of The Mentor Master Inner Circle you participate in learning:
  • Easily empower yourself with the knowledge that you need in order to successfully educate your own children
  • Have time for yourself while also being there for your family
  • Identify what your child needs to learn and all the subjects needed for your child’s highest quality education
  • Planning and prioritizing plans so you can stop feeling overwhelmed and move out of ordinary to extraordinary
  • Foster critical thinking in your children positioning them to think as leaders, and entrepreneurs
  • Identifying the highest quality educational material for minimal to zero cost
  • Help you create an environment conducive to learning and thriving for your child’s maximum success
  • Work through fear and anxiety that accompany a major change in lifestyle
  • Learn how your children can properly prepare for college and beyond
  • Create a foundation for your entire family to be happy, loving and get along bonded for life
  • Create partnerships with your child and eliminate common relational stress
  • Create a balanced life working from home, homeschooling and have fun too

The Mentor Mastery Inner Circle Includes:

Daily InspirationDaily Inspiration
You’ll receive daily inspiration in your inbox. Start your day by being inspired! This elevates your confidence, knowing you are fully supported with access to years of wisdom and experience. You are no longer alone on this journey.

Weekly Action StepsModule Overview
You’ll begin the month with a plan to follow during the month to bring it into practice in your homeschool.

Monthly Mentor MeetingMonthly Module Audio Training
There will be one audio training giving full instruction on the topic of the month. You can download and access this 60-90 minute training as often as you need.

Instructional Workbook and ResourcesInstructional Workbook and Resources
Each month includes downloadable tools, articles, references and a workbook for the month’s topic.

Mentor Mastery Daily Inspiration CardsReminders
You’ll receive email reminders to help you stay focused on your training throughout the month. Support and accountability are key when creating success.

Monthly Mentor MeetingMonthly Mentor Q & A Meeting
Via phone, exclusive to Inner Circle, there will be a LIVE Q&A session in the middle of the month. Join LIVE with Donna to receive answers to your questions and personal coaching from Donna to fit your particular needs.

Private  Access to our Exclusive ForumAccess to our Homeschool Forum
A community of like minded homeschoolers where you can meet others, build relationships, and create lasting change. Access the library of 2 ½ years of training and resources as well as have constant connection directly to Donna.

Exclusive Discounts and Freebies on MANY of My Top Products, Services and WorkshopsExclusive Discounts
Be the first to know and have access to new products, services and workshops with the best discounts and special offers.

New Price $27/Month

Or $197/Year

(Saves $127 with full year commitment making each month only $16.41)

This program has been in session for 3 years providing you with not only new content but also building an extensive library of training materials and resources. The program is only $27 each month or it can be as low as $16.41 a month by committing to a full year. We’ve brought the price as low as possible in respect to family budgets while continuing to provide training excellence.

You can subscribe here. It’s a monthly subscription fee of $27 a month which you can cancel at anytime.

Save more by subscribing here. It’s full pay for a year’s subscription at $197 which breaks down to costing only $16.41 per month. (Note: This is a commitment for a year and only renewed by you each year.)

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Many professional mastermind groups are triple this investment. With my Mentor Mastery Inner Circle you will have direct access to me and my resources for a fraction of what you might pay for similar mastermind groups. I’m so confident that you will value your membership I give you my personal 100% satisfaction guarantee: If at any time you are not satisfied simply contact me or a member of my team and we will discontinue your subscription. It's that simple! Your membership and all future billing to your credit card will stop immediately, no questions asked, no hassles and no hard feelings. Your 100% satisfaction is my promise to you.

However, I know you’re going to LOVE this mastermind inner circle experience and be astonished by the speed with which you unleash your ability to mentor your children and discover their inner genius while living a lifestyle of true freedom.

IMPORTANT: Please follow registration steps fully and check your email to complete your registration. If you don’t your registration will not be fully processed.

Please click the confirmation link to confirm your email so you can receive all the updates, member content, training modules, instructional workbook and live call access.

Once you confirm your email, you’ll receive a welcome with full instructions for access to all program benefits. If you have questions or need support please email,

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