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Introducing An Inspired Education. A new approach to creating an authentic and highly effective homeschool environment, that produces real learning, allowing you to do what you love the most while empowering your family to live the ultimate lifestyle of true freedom and harmony.

From: Donna Vail, Lindale, Texas USA

Dear Parent/Mentor:

Today more than ever parents and educators are faced with daily challenges and problems never before experienced by our parents and their parents.

  • Do you worry and secretly fear your child is not receiving the education he needs to live a life of success and happiness in the ever evolving global economy?
  • Dissatisfied with your current school or interested in homeschooling but don’t know how to get started?
  • Do you spend time feeling frustrated and stressed about not being able to create the family lifestyle you truly desire?
  • Do you need answers to your most pressing questions about parenting, education, balancing work and life in a way that is satisfying?
  • Are you currently homeschooling but feel buried, where chaos is your norm and you’re on the verge of burnout?
  • Would you like to have a confidant and mentor who has been where you now stand and can share with you veteran wisdom enabling you can make a quantum leap?

Whether you are considering homeschooling; are new to homeschooling or seasoned pro, one-on-one mentoring offers something for every experience level.

You must have an organized and detailed plan if you intend to be successful, but that’s only part of it. You need the knowledge and support to properly execute that detailed plan. You need a strategy that helps you balance your life and everything in between.

I’m Donna Vail and have been homeschooling my six children for over 15 years while at the same time helping countless other families on the road to home education success. It is my absolute passion and purpose to help people create a rich and rewarding lifestyle of true freedom through self-education and harmonious family living. This type of living means that everyone, especially your children, are properly prepared to handle the challenges of everyday life, today and tomorrow.

Say goodbye to the worries, chaos and stress that has ruled your life. Say hello to organized planning, increased self-confidence and the reassurance that you can do it! Yes, you truly can homeschool your children contrary to what the naysayers say.

Whether you’re teaching your child how to read or mentoring your high school student towards college, you will regain your confidence and stay inspired. You’ll have all of your questions answered, and reveal the shortcuts only the insiders know.

It’s all about creating a plan that works for you rather than you working for the plan. With my coaching you will have direct access to me helping you establish clear and specific goals, creating focus to transform your homeschool from stress and chaos to freedom and ease.

The Inspired Education Products you need most…

  • An Inspired Education Self-Educators Study Book
  • AIE Self-Educators Exclusive Education Resources

The Mentor U One on One Mentoring Program to help you and your children love more, live more and learn more…

  • Mentor U Gold: Mentor (including six months of Mentor Mastery Inner Circle membership)

The way children learn matters and it’s much easier than you think or have been lead to believe. Raising children, managing your household, working to earn a living and taking time for fun can be overwhelming. At times you may question yourself if it’s all worth it or if you’re even going to make it through the day. It’s not about waiting for the kids to grow so you can start living. Your life is now. This is the prime of your life when everything can be orchestrated for your highest good.

Unfortunately most people are too busy or don’t know that they can receive the support they need to create the lifestyle they desire, and often that results in a life of mediocrity and ultimately failure.

There are several key factors that lead to failure.

KEY FACTOR ONE > Lack of support: Not knowing where to turn or what to do next when things aren’t working though a voice within keeps calling to you “there’s got to be a better way”.

KEY FACTOR TWO > Lack of resources: You don’t know what you don’t know. With so many options available to you today it’s easy to get confused or even involved with academics that just lead to additional learning problems down the road.

KEY FACTOR THREE > Lack of expertise: You’re behind the learning curve seeing years of research and study ahead of you but you just don’t have all the extra time it takes to discover what’s really effective for you and your children to create the success you want. If you could just talk to someone who’s been there, done that and knows what you are experiencing, giving you insight into what to expect.

What’s It Worth? Priceless…

  • What would it be worth to you to discover a resource to successfully move through your everyday with ease and confidence?
  • How much trial and error, frustration and struggle with your child could you avoid if you had someone helping you get started on the right foot and help you keep it going?
  • What would it mean to have someone you could call to help you with your specific needs that unexpectedly arise?
  • How much time could you save today and tomorrow by having guidance that is up-to-date with the demands of education preparedness for the future?
  • How many years of worry and strife might you be saved knowing there is someone who cares as much as you about creating the best for your children and is there to support you all along the way?
  • Would you like some relief knowing you’re not alone carrying the heavy load of balancing it all?

This is exactly what the Mentor U is all about.

It’s the support of a mentor you have always desired.

"Before I met Donna Vail I felt overwhelmed at the idea of educating my 4 children. Through Donna’s workshop, she helped me to have confidence in what I already knew and added to it without overwhelming me. The result was a much more peaceful and unified approach to learning that fit right in with our family’s lifestyle. Donna has a lot to offer other homeschooling parents. I have seen the results and firmly believe in the ability of children to educate themselves with the guidance of their parents in an inspiring way that will last a lifetime."
Krisondra Prinkey, Texas

I created the Mentor U program for two reasons:

First: I often think of the years of struggling I could have avoided if only I had access to a mentor when I was getting started and through the years as I’ve homeschooled my children. No where could I turn to find someone who could meld together homeschooling, balancing home and working. And all the “problems” I faced in the beginning could have been avoided. “If only I had someone who could have told me what I know now…”

Second: I have created a resource you’ve been asking for. Time and time again I hear parents ask how can they balance the many different aspects of their lives to reduce stress and live a more peaceful life. When parents feel stress and anxiety it’s often transferred to their children compounding and making matters worse. So much quality of life is lost to fear and frustration. This is the time in your lives that are supposed to be some of the most joyful years of your parent and child relationships. Parents are missing out on their children’s growing years. Parents are burning out trying to “teach” at home and “cover it all,” asking, “I know there’s a better way, but who can show me the path, who can lead me to what I know is possible?”

Let’s be honest. We all want our children to have a better education than we did. We want them to be equipped with all the tools needed for a successful life. Academics are extremely important, but you want your child to be experienced and well-informed about the direction they chart for their life. Now you can create the success needed for today’s academic environment and tomorrow’s leaders while living a rich and balanced life that supports the whole family.

Experience Living an Inspired Education through laser coaching, teaching tools and exclusive resources.

Who is This Coaching Program For?

Mentor U is perfect for you if you are:

  • New to homeschooling or if you are seriously thinking about homeschooling and want to begin setting up your core systems
  • Veteran Homeschooler who is overwhelmed, burning out and is seeking guidance and a successful systematic approach to your homeschool
  • A homeschooler who has been homeschooling but have had a change in family dynamics, whether it means working from home or adding another family member, you need a system that works and helps you get back on track and stay on track
  • Entrepreneurs who realize the importance of educating their own and are ready to implement a system for a lifestyle of true freedom
  • Educators who are ready to inspire true learning
“Thank you for the instant calm. Today the moderators from the Education Department came. They were extremely impressed with my daughter’s work and our homeschooling...thank you for all your help.”
Anneliese Lucido, Australia

If you are reading this, it’s no accident that you found your way here or it found you. If you keep doing what you’ve always done then you will keep getting the same results you’ve always gotten. It’s time to break that cycle. You and your children deserve success in your homeschool and your life. So, all that is left to do is find out more details about the coaching program that will best fit your requirements by filling out the form below. We will get in touch with your right away.

Donna VailStay inspired!
Donna Vail
Donna Vail
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